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Supporting a safe and positive way to enjoy the beneficial uses of hemp and adultwear.

Med Lounge



Personalized Glass & Adult Clothing.


Welcome to the lounge. We thrive to provide only the best and affordable tools to enjoy cannabis to adults 21+. Our glass is freshly made to order, have protective rubber bases, and include an official Med Lounge Authenticity Card! We are also here to help you design a perfect glass for yourself or a gift! Med Lounge is not only here to provide, but to educate our peers about all of the beneficial uses, myths, and facts about cannabis. Cannabis has had a wide range of health, safety, and legality concerns but our mission is to change all of the stigma and show a more positive side of the plant. Help us with our mission. Med Lounge USA


Med Lounge LA location will be coming soon so stay tuned. 

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