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*Our UNIQUE one of a kind 1gram rose petal cones tastes like red raspberries 3 Packs Of Two=(6total)! Filters included in ALL cones. *100% All Natural Rose Petal Cones are perfect for smoking your favorite flower, just fill and smoke! *Enjoy the delicious rose aroma with our re-usable packaging.Rolled with organic rose petals Perfect size - holds 1 gram ROSE Petals are pesticide and chemical-free!! *100% ORGANIC Shell is cured (62%RH) to maintain flavor. * Our rose petals contain 2-6% terpenes, not enough to be overpowering, but compliment your "HERB". *To preserve freshness: Keep your rose shell in the provided tube until you are ready to pack it. *All of our pre-roll products are accompanied by our signature filter. Acting as a crutch it diffuses smoke through a multitude of channels, which makes for a smoother tasting product. 

Natural Rose Petal Cones