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— Sydney, CEO

“Med Lounge is commited to supporting the beneficial uses of cannabis as well as supporting a healthy everyday lifestyle”

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Healthier Lifestyle Consultaion

Submit Your Submission with goal details and current lifestyle overview via Contact Form or send us an Email:

How do we help?
Med Lounge uses real facts, evidence, and research done by doctors and journalists all over the world in healthcare, We use real results in our recomendations, not just suggestions. We also only use NATURAL remedies, no shots, vaccines are reccomended.
What can we do and whats included?
We will first go over your daily routine and adjust it according to your goals and throw in any diets, supplements needed(vitamins etc.), and also touch base on how to manifest these goals to keep you on track.  Included is a custom Diet Template, Vaccination Affidavit Template, Swap List of your food/hobby substitutions, and more!
NOTE: We are not licensed doctors, if you have serious medical concerns please contact your healthcare provider. 
1. What is included in the Healthy Lifestyle Consultation? Documents?
   -Vaccination Affidavit 
   -Custom Diet Template
   -Swap List for Substitutions
   -Vitamin/Supplement Suggestions
   -More per Request!
2. How does it work?
    After you purchase the "Healthy Lifestyle       Consultaion" AND contact us via email OR       contact form you will recieve an Email with     everything included! We can respond with any additional steps or concerns!


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